Monday, May 14, 2007

Page number .. umm ...

I am numerically challenged. I can’t remember phone numbers or number plates, or any other important information made up of numbers. It’s a malady I first noticed in the sixth grade. I would be reading in my room when my mum would yell for dinner; reluctantly I would look up the page number, shut the book and sulk my way to the dinning table. When I’d get back an hour later, I’d flip the book open in search for that memorized page number, but would mysteriously draw a blank. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t remember my page numbers. So when I discovered the bookmark, I became an instant fan. I began treasuring my bookmarks. And over the years from a random habit, it developed into a hobby. I am now a bookmark hunter. Wherever I go, I first scout the place for interesting bookmarks; and in a bout of self indulgence, I am putting up a few that I totally love …

A Japanese paper doll, by far the most gorgeous bookmark I have

Adding a bit of Mumbai to every story

In pure leather, from Norway

American and practically impossible to use, but it's just sooo cool

King Tut and his words on Papyrus

Beyond brilliant while travelling, discovered during a stop-over at Vienna

A wooden Tulip from Holland

A hand crafted banana boat on a Palm leaf, from Kerala

P.s.: If you find one that you think I should absolutely have, please do the needful …. :)


shubhada said...

Hey..Nice one. Though not the one for bookmarks (I end up losing them),have to agree that one from Vienna is a work of genius.

Anonymous said...

Finally i get to read a new post...Good to see that you are back in action vaini.

Yours loyally,

G said...

Those are just gorgeous. And did I Spy, With My Trained Eye, Lady Sybil shafting His Grace Vimes o'er dinner from Thud?

Kits said...

Amazin those r! Bet Den wd love to get tht King Tut one!

Neha said...

Shub: isn't it?

Manu: ram ram :)

g: what to do, i have good taste :D

Kits: thanks, and i hv been saving den an egypt thingy for over a year now, if only she'd show up!!

Kaushal said...

interesting blog post and an awesome collection!

recently gifted a set of bookmarks to a friend... will try to get u a pic. thin wood (?) ones made in Manipur with colored murals and local art.

Neha said...

kaushal: that sounds heavenly! i want!