Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Somebody please tell Kapil Dev to SHUT UP! In a horrifying snippet from Cricinfo, I gather the man has been thundering nonsense again. I know that's what generally happens when he opens his mouth, but this time, I worry that someone from the Board of Cricket and Chaos in India might be listening. Worse still, they might pick up on this idiocracy and put me off cricket forever!
"Who is Whatmore," he thundered in an interview in the Telegraph, the Kolkata based daily. "Why do we need to talk about Whatmore? Or, for that matter, anybody not associated with our team at this point in time. In my opinion, when Ravi (Shastri) isn't available after Bangladesh, the Board should give the coach's powers to Venkatesh Prasad and Robin Singh, both of whom have played international cricket and are currently working with the boys."
Aaarrrrh, Robin Singh, I can try and understand, but Venkatesh Prasad! Come on, he isn't even a real cricketer for crying out loud!! Seriously when you're trying to un-rubbish the team, you shouldn't toy with them, or the few fans left, like this :(

Friday, May 18, 2007

I spy with my little brown eye ...

This is what my terrace opens out to :)

It looks even better if you've got some hot coffee and a good book by your side.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Today was the day. Finally. It had taken a year to get here. From the first time her parents had met him, and had totally hated him. She remembered every minute of that torturous dinner. Worse still, they had hated his parents, if it was possible, even more. That was an even more vivid memory.

Over our dead body.
Is this what we brought you up for? To see this day?
Our very own daughter. *Sigh*
Why didn’t I die before having to go through this?
We gave her too much freedom. *Sigh*

This story had all the ingredients of the perfect Bollywood pot-boiler, now, if only she could sing and dance to it all. It had taken months of crying, screaming and threatening to convince them that they had no choice. It had taken even longer to get the parents to be civil to each other. To be honest they never really got there. Though they did reach a sort of semi-civil state of being, where they ignored each other completely and went ahead and did just what the other didn’t want.


We don’t believe in all that.

Diamond ring.

We insist on gold. It’s tradition.

Temple Wedding.
Fancy Wedding.
Fancy Wedding.
Temple Wedding.
Our style.

Our style.



Yellow sari.

Red sari.

It went on and on. She didn’t have a say in any of her wedding preparations. Neither did he. Apparently it was enough that the parents had (reluctantly) agreed to this match, and from here on they would run the show. And the way they went about it, it was more like four parallel shows, all running at once. At times during the year, they wondered why they hadn’t just eloped. It would have been so much simpler. And so much more enjoyable. But the drama had stretched out the year. And survived. And from a Balaji production, this show was heading for a Yash Raj finish. Today. This was the big day. Their big day. The day that they had all struggled towards. Today was the day they tied the knot. Today was the day she was going to call it off.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Page number .. umm ...

I am numerically challenged. I can’t remember phone numbers or number plates, or any other important information made up of numbers. It’s a malady I first noticed in the sixth grade. I would be reading in my room when my mum would yell for dinner; reluctantly I would look up the page number, shut the book and sulk my way to the dinning table. When I’d get back an hour later, I’d flip the book open in search for that memorized page number, but would mysteriously draw a blank. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t remember my page numbers. So when I discovered the bookmark, I became an instant fan. I began treasuring my bookmarks. And over the years from a random habit, it developed into a hobby. I am now a bookmark hunter. Wherever I go, I first scout the place for interesting bookmarks; and in a bout of self indulgence, I am putting up a few that I totally love …

A Japanese paper doll, by far the most gorgeous bookmark I have

Adding a bit of Mumbai to every story

In pure leather, from Norway

American and practically impossible to use, but it's just sooo cool

King Tut and his words on Papyrus

Beyond brilliant while travelling, discovered during a stop-over at Vienna

A wooden Tulip from Holland

A hand crafted banana boat on a Palm leaf, from Kerala

P.s.: If you find one that you think I should absolutely have, please do the needful …. :)