Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Somebody please tell Kapil Dev to SHUT UP! In a horrifying snippet from Cricinfo, I gather the man has been thundering nonsense again. I know that's what generally happens when he opens his mouth, but this time, I worry that someone from the Board of Cricket and Chaos in India might be listening. Worse still, they might pick up on this idiocracy and put me off cricket forever!
"Who is Whatmore," he thundered in an interview in the Telegraph, the Kolkata based daily. "Why do we need to talk about Whatmore? Or, for that matter, anybody not associated with our team at this point in time. In my opinion, when Ravi (Shastri) isn't available after Bangladesh, the Board should give the coach's powers to Venkatesh Prasad and Robin Singh, both of whom have played international cricket and are currently working with the boys."
Aaarrrrh, Robin Singh, I can try and understand, but Venkatesh Prasad! Come on, he isn't even a real cricketer for crying out loud!! Seriously when you're trying to un-rubbish the team, you shouldn't toy with them, or the few fans left, like this :(


Hermit Chords said...

I'm beginning to give up on cricket. Have you seen the new rules proposed, for one-dayers? Money's killing the game. I hope I'll somehow manage to see a few close tests, on surfaces that are fair to all, before it's all over.

phatichar said...

I agree, things are taking a sad turn..

BTW, nice blog. I like your style. :) Came here from Punds' blog.

Neha said...

hemit chords:yeah :(

phatichar: thanks, keep droping by :)

Pri said...

I agree with you about Kapil Dev needing to shut the eff up but you're being a bit harsh on Venkatesh Prasad.
You have to remember he was one of our few 'fast :)' bowlers back then and he along with Srinath gave us some sort of an opening attack. I don’t know if you watched the test series in South Africa [this was the same series with the sad test match. I think we were 100 and then 66 all out] but he bowled leg cutter after leg cutter even breaking the stump camera on one occasion. Plus there was the one Asia cup and a bunch of other tournaments where he was our only star. He was dropped in the middle of his career and then all of a sudden his international career was over.