Monday, January 29, 2007

Friday, January 26, 2007

Save the earth! Now!

*Warning: petrifying post

Scary things are going on in Germany. With the weather all topsy-turvy, this year’s crop has been badly damaged, which in Germany means a horrendously poor potato crop, which means no potatoes, which means an extreme shortage of potato chips in the market!

And you thought global warming didn’t matter.

Six O’clock Surprise

Warm sleep is nudged awake by the singing church bells. It is early. It’s still dark outside. And I can already tell winter is being mean today. I pull my blanket up to my chin and glare at my window.

I Glare. I frown. I squint. I squeal.

Floating past my window pane are soft delicious flakes of snow.
My first snow.

*crazy extremely embarrassing, girly excitement follows*

I forgive the biting cold and the icy floor. I pull on a sweater and pull open the door. Brrrrrrr. The morning air tears into my skin, its sweet scent lost in the view that has been conjured up during the night. Snow-coated roofs and white park benches. Trees all dressed in white trimmings. Tiny flakes precariously perched on twigs and branches. A little black dog surrounded by white. Pink boots and scarves wound up tight.

*dumbstruck awe. or maybe just frozen stiff*

Something to remember it by. And then I shiver, I cling to the warmth hidden in my sweater sleeves and run back to my warm bed.

*yaaaaaaaaaayyy my first snow!!*
*crazy extremely embarrassing, girly excitement follows*