Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Signing out

It has finally happened. After a year of plotting and planning, the day has come to hang up my oshos and do things other then advertising. It’s been a half decent run, I think. Some memorably forgettable work and some that never saw the light of day (thankfully?). But all is good when the people you work with get rid of you with a warm smile and actually reply to your ok bye email. Of course it was a little weird to see the new boy sitting on ‘my’ comp. I wanted to tell him that he’d inherited a lousy machine, one that’s slower then Inzy and that it will almost always let him down. But then I thought, let him find out the hard way. A couple of weeks here and he’ll figure out it gets much worse :) Also my boss asked me to stay on in the sweetest way ever, it’s a memory that’ll always stay with me. So at the end of it all, am I happy? Hell yes, I realised somewhere between a barf worthy ad I was writing and a stab me now brochure that even though this was (at least occasionally) fun, I didn’t want to spend my life writing fun as a ringworm leaflets and yawn yawn when will this end AVs. So I've decided to move on and find me something new to do. What exactly I know not, but it will most definitely involve lots of travel and loads of writing. And hopefully, I’ll end up exactly where I should be. So till then adios advertising, and adios;

Think some more (but …but, I can’t)
But where is the idea? (THAT IS THE IDEA)
It’s been done (not by me, it hasn’t!)
I want an option (fuck off)
Your book is not crazy enough (*quiet simmering rage*)
But where are visual ideas? (I am a writer, asshole)
The brief has changed (what? what?)
It’s nice, but … (BUT?)

Sweet sweet relief!



Anonymous said...

Someone once told me 'It is an art to do nothing when there is nothing doing'...i guess you will surely find something more adventurous.. with your travels...you will race back and forth against time (literally and figuretively)..all the very best for, a new life now beckons..


Neha said...

:) thank you, just for that, help yourself to an extra serving in december!

Anonymous said...

congrats, nega! i'll miss dandy, though! how've you been? love, hugs, etc.

yeah i too was shocked at how they twisted sqvaar drive's experimentation comment. and you know i care less about cricket than crickets!

Neha said...
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Neha said...

Haha, i won't to say the least! Very excited and all, will call ...