Monday, October 16, 2006


These are bad time we live in. A time of remixes, remakes and super scary sequels. So while I cringe and squirm each time Shahrukh ‘Don’ Khan wriggles his bum to Khaike paan and Ash batters her fake eyelids to Rekha’s Umrao Jaan, I hear wicked words like Ramu’s Sholay and my newspaper spreads evil rumours of a Krrish sequel. Is there no hope?


G said...

None whatsoever!

In this age, however, comes Departed, a remake of Infernal Affairs - a must see.

Neha said...

oh yeah, hv heard it's super, dying to see it ... lvd ur blog btw :)

G said...

hehe, flattery will get you everywhere! Love your blog too.