Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wanderful and more

While practising a triple jump form one channel to the third I tripped over a classic late 80’s, early 90’s garish Bollywood scene. Lo and behold there stood Govinda on my screen. Usually this is reason enough to curse your luck, but today was special. Not only was Govinda standing there, he was jiving on my screen in a Superman outfit, chaddis on the outside et al. It’s no wonder poor Reeves fell off his horse. Sigh.

Now, the Govinda, he is not alone. He is with his lady love, serenading her, the ever so lovely Kimi Katkar. Ha! Suffer fools suffer!

Things get even more interesting from here, for the Katkar1, she is no less and matches her beau step for step. And unfortunately outfit for outfit. And to his Superman you have her Sipdey, careful there Toby!

Now, all Super Heros come with super powers and Super Govinda and Spidey Katkar are no different. They superimpose themselves on flying stills of Mumbai2 and singing their Super Couple3 song, they go about their merry business. They save a really ugly couple from dirty dirty goons, coochie coo in a garden full of sex starved flowers and join a bunch of ageing youngsters doing PT on the dance floor, before superimposing themselves on a flying Mumbai again.

Just beautiful4, I say!

1Have to call her that, can’t risk Raikkonen injuring himself, now that he is a Ferrari man.

2Only Mumbai could have survived this; after all we’ve got the spirit for this kind of shit.

3Ha and you thought the incredibles was original!

4 For the Bollywood inclined, for the suicidal, for the adventurous, the movie you are looking for is Dariya Dil. It also stars Kadar Khan (in a double role beware), Shakti Kapoor and Gulshan Grover (somebody show this to his Hollywood agent).


G said...

First Cricket, now F1? Nice!

Loved the post too!

Neha said...

Cricket, F!, Soccor - lifeline!
love the movie too ... try it sometime, heh

G said...

I saw that damn song on bollywoodfugly. Damn near had me an accident, I was laughing so much!