Sunday, July 15, 2007

Out on my terrace the world seems just fine

I sit at the little table on my terrace and write. When it rains, I sit inside, with the doors open. It’s just as nice. All I need is one look around and everything solves itself. The exact right words come to mind and pretty phrases draw themselves up. And for a bit, I truly feel like I was born to write.

I haven’t made up my mind about working from home. I like the relaxed pace of life. I like doing things on my time. And, I manage to do everything, and on good days even more. Maybe it’s not the home bit that’s got me all confused, it’s the work I’m getting. Uninspiring. Insipid. Pointless. Boring. I feel less of a writer with every deadline I meet. But then I go back to my terrace, and figure, it'll be fine.

There’s something about this place, this view that really works for me. The thick green hills with pretty lego homes encrusted in between. I see little green, orange and maroon slanting rooftops, some shooting out wisps of smoke, some blushing into a rose shrub. I listen to the birds sing all day. Up till six, even seven and eight. It’s so soothing. It’s enough to make me reach for my pen.

There’s a twisty little road that runs past, and into the bend. Occasionally it throws up a car or swallows one rolling down. I know what I’ m looking for is just around the corner, around the bend. It will find its way to me. Someday.

The air is crispy, almost sharp. I can taste its sweetness. The sun is shinning through, throwing up different colours of green. A cup of coffee sits simmering by my side, the pages get filled.

I've always wanted to write. Even before I knew how. I was in the eighth grade and we had an English assignment. I penned a story; it was the only time I didn't mind doing the homework. By the time our grades were out, I knew this was what I wanted to do.

There's a new house being built, near by. I can hear the workmen all day. It's a funny house; the balcony looks the wrong way. I wonder what kind of a view they'll have. If it's even half as good as mine, they'll be fine.


childwoman said...

Oh wow Neha!!! your blog is wow! oh wow!! I have written heart wrenching love letters to him....but no appreciation for my devotion :(

Pri said...

yeah composition class was always fun. i could never stick to te given topic though. :) and i have to agree with childwoman about your blog being super nice.

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

neha what a lovely view you have! am very jealous... hope it keeps you writing!

Neha said...

childwoman: thank you, and don't worry, they all come around, eventually :D

pri: i was too chicken to stray away from the topic :( but i loved the class

shoe fiend: thanks, i hope it keeps me writing too, so far so good :)

confused said...


Yeah, I would very much like to have a cup of coffee while sitting on your terrace.

and lol@ Jhoom barabar..

Neha said...

confused: and you're always welcome to :D

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