Saturday, June 24, 2006

Plain is Perfectly Fine!

They’ve done it again.

Blasphemy, I say.

Why would you take something perfect and tarnish it with change?

This is my war cry, come gather around.
It’s time to save the best snack in town.

This saviour of bad cooks.
The road to instant salvation.
It’s ok Mum, if you step out.
I have my plate of Maggi. I’ll be fine.
With a full stomach soon I’ll be satisfied.

But now I hear whisperings of sabotage.
I sense foul play.

First they put wheat in it, and now it’s sambhar.
Don't insult my taste buds.
I deserve more then that.
Leave my noodles alone, plain and nice.

1 comment:

Hermit Chords said...

:) This isn't the first time they've tried it - you probably know this better. They had to spend a lot on a 'ab pehle jaisa' campaign some years back...But managers come and go, and new ones have a point to prove...long live the classic, I say!